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What is
a ChargeBox?

  • Makes it possible to charge batteries
    for mobile equipment used daily (mobile
    telephones, iPod, iPad, MP3, PDA, digital cameras)
  • Placed in shopping centres
    (Visible to many people)
  • Many ways of using the advert (LCD
    touchscreen, applications, branding the kiosk,
    communication area, prolink)
  • Extensive network all over the Czech Republic

How it works?

LCD touchscreen (spots
+ touchscreen applications)
your advertising space
Place for charging
mobile equipment
and conditions
for using the kiosk
Make your brand visible
We record the amount of charges per day and the touchscreen
communicates with the customers while they wait.

Technological possibilities according to the client’s requests

  • Sledování hlavy uživatele

    Monitoring the heads of customers If they are not looking at the display (for some time period), charging stops or if need be the charging slows

  • Rychlost nabíjení

    Charging speed According to the type of “clicking” on the display, we determine the type of usage and choose a suitable charge rate

  • Cílení dle charakteristiky

    Targeting according to characteristics We recognize the user’s characteristics (sex, gestures, features, clothes) and according to this, we target the advert

  • Reklama dle chování

    Advert according to behaviour We are able to identify where the user is looking and predict effective adverts based on the user’s behaviour

Why place an advert on a ChargeBox?

Digital Signage adverts have a major influence on the behaviour of individuals
70 % of decisions are made at the place of purchase 1 30 % of Czechs buy products which are unplanned at the place of purchase 3 68 % of shoppers admitted that in-store information help them to decide what to buy 2 44 % of consumers stated that they changed their decision after viewing an advert before purchasing 2 80 % of information which the consumer notices in a shop is visual 4 Source

Citizen ChargeBox


  • – Charging up to 20 mobile telephones
  • – Internal charge count
  • – 19” - 22” LCD touchscreen
  • – Remote access and maintenance
  • – Internal Digital Signage Player
  • – Charging for free
  • – Static advertising area 470 × 705 mm

Technical parameters

Total power: < 120 W
Input: AC 110-250 V 50-60 Hz,
DC 110-250 V 50-60 Hz
Net weight: 80 kg
Dimensions: 650 mm × 270 mm × 1860 mm


Monitoring usage  |  Sound
Own colours  |  Company presentation

Coverage map

Examples of installation

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